Drone service

Its all simple. Cost of any DJI drone repair is simple to calculate. Regardless of the repair whether we reweld mainboard parts, change shafts, antennas, case or anything else, cost for repair labor stays the same. Exception is water damage, then the repair will cost extra as described under section “water damage repair”. For water damage we need to pull apart the drone part by part, if needed each mother board will be washed with ultrasound to undo defects caused by water damage. Then we assemble the drone with new thermal compound and reweld what needs to be welded and test the drone if all works fine.

When we receive the drone for repair first we do the damage inspection and coordinatethe costs with the client, after the client confirmation we start the work. When all is done we calibrate the drone and do the test flight.

You can bring and receive the drone in person to our service in Jaunmārupe, address: Mazcenu aleja 37b or if you can’t come yourself you can send the drone via postal services, omniva delivery or any other courier services. When using courier please ensure that drone is packed safely and that name of the owner and a brief description of the problem is included as well. After the repair and payment we will send the drone back to your location.

We also provide defect reports for insurance.

I f you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us and our specialist will be happy to assist you and answer your questions.



water damage repair 

Mini 40 +40
Mini 2 / SE 40 +40
Mini 3pro/classic
60 +60
Avata 40 +40
Air 40 +60
Air 2 / Air 2S 40 +60
Mavic pro 40 +60
Mavic 2 pro /zoom 40 +60
Mavic 3 80 +100
Phantom 3 40 +60
Phantom 4/pro/adv/rtk 80 +100
Fpv 60 +100